We not only think climate change is an urgent and critical issue to address, but that businesses and economies need to align with this direction. That there is an opportunity for smart entrepreneurs to create businesses around this that are profitable and have positive impacts on the planet.

We invest in startups working in this area via our investment company, Rainmatter Capital. If you are a startup or organisation working in this area and are looking for funding, introduce your organisation on the forum and we will get in touch with you.


Blue Sky Analytics

Good, reliable data forms the basis for bringing attention to the right problems and helps in finding the right solutions to them. Blue Sky crunches massive amounts of satellite and other data to provide high-quality, historical, real-time and predictive environmental intelligence. They build APIs & platforms to understand and predict climate change. This was Rainmatter’s first climate-tech investment.

2020 is an online climate school that trains aspiring climate entrepreneurs with world's top experts on climate science, policy, business, social justice. This investment is firmly in line with our belief in the need for many smart folks across the world needing to get trained and involved in solving climate change, and going on to help create a green economy.