Small grants

CSR Funding typically tends to be focused on short to medium term projects. Many small organizations and teams are working on ideas with a longer term impact and that may be focused on advocacy, education, research or capacity building, rather than direct outcomes.

Ar Rainmatter Foundation, we believe that these are important directions to pursue over time and would like to enable and support such organizations and teams to continue their work on spaces that are part of our circle of concern, across projects and ideas, and with sustained focus over time. Progress made in these directions would include a deeper understanding of the problem space, helping involve more stakeholders and bringing the ideas to a larger mainstream, and arriving at approaches and solutions for various problems through experimentation.

We do not dictate or decide who you pay from this amount, or what specific projects you undertake. This is a belief in the importance of the work you are doing, directionally, and a small contribution towards it.

What is being funded?

Efforts that are in one or more of the following directions:

  • Rewilding / More Forest Everywhere — Your organization works on or encourages direct rewilding of spaces, or encourages better soil management and biodiversity at farms, in public spaces and the commons - making every space a little more forest-like.
  • Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration — Your organization works on air pollution, responsible water management at any scale, public transport and NMT, and similar domains that address ecological issues.
  • Localized Production and Consumption — Your organization helps with adoption of more local consumption, production and livelihoods creation around this, especially with a greater amount of production and value created outside of tier-I cities.

Your work could involve direct efforts in the above, or advocacy and education or creation of tools and methods to increase participation and involve a larger mainstream in these efforts.

Depending on the work you are doing in the space, the grant size requested and needed, Rainmatter Foundation will fund you for a 3 year period with the grant amount varying between 3-12 Lakhs per year to fund.

We would require quarterly updates on the efforts, ideas, projects and other efforts that have been undertaken at your end, and will release the next year’s grant based on our assessment of the same. We will also include you on our internal and public platforms for showcasing your work, seeking help and collaborations to grow the ideas you are working on, and helping others with theirs.

How to apply

Share the charter and background of your organization, a summary of your work, and directions you are pursuing that need funding without short term project goals and focus on the forum. Please also describe what efforts your team may be spending on this and what outcomes or progress you would like to see during the next 3 year period from these efforts.