Both re-wilding as well as the creation of a green economy need a deep understanding of the conditions and reality on the ground, and committed local changemakers to engage with stakeholders there. Providing direct funding and support to individuals and organisations working on the ground, and ensuring that the solutions they create are documented and made available to many more, is core to what we do.

If you are an organisation working in this area, you can appply for funding or to our small grants program.


The 1000 tree Project @ SwaYYam

A 100+ acre farmers’ collective at the edge of the Bandipur forest aims to not only green and water enrich a currently degraded landscape, but also strengthen the livelihoods of farmers there through an agroforestry approach as a collective. We were delighted to come across Malvikaa's efforts and decided to support her plans for the duration of the 3 years they would need support for the completion of the project.


Wild Shaale @ Centre for Wildlife Studies

Dr. Krithi Karanth of CWS has been working on the forefront of resolving the human-animal conflict through education, awareness, and rights. As part of this, we have contributed to their "Wild Shaale" program—a unique conservation-education program designed for rural school-going children living around wildlife reserves. It builds foundational knowledge about local wildlife, ecosystems, and conservation issues, fostering tolerance for wildlife and nurturing these children as future stewards of conservation.


Ecologically Sustainable Median Planting @ Center for Environment Concerns

Dr. K S Gopal is a pioneer who is driving an experiment for the ecologically sound planting of flora on a couple of kilometers of medians on main roads in Bengaluru to help support an ecosystem for birds and bees, use 50% less water, drastically bring down truck and road closure time, reduce costs for de-weeding, create biologically rich healthy soils, and reduce the probability of plant diseases. We hope it might one day form the template for our roads becoming much greener ecologically.